Víðidalsrétt (horses round-up)

Iceland, Víðidalur. Stóðhestarétt sem haldiin er á hverju ári í Víðidal í vestur Húnavatnssýslu. Í þetta skipið voru um 400 hross rekin í réttirnar, eftir að hafa verið á fjalllendi allt sumarið. @ GHs

English :

Imagine free and spirited horses rushing down from their highland summer pastures to be returned to their owners. Mares and their foals, young horses and geldings make their way through the rough territory, not quite willing to give up their freedom yet before winter returns once again.

The ancient tradition of rounding up the horses has only been kept alive in the North of Iceland. The four riding days on this tour will all take place in the north.

From the Vatnsdalur area we will ride through beautiful valleys and mountains to the valley of Laxárdalur. Here we become one with the Icelanders and help with the gathering of the horses and driving them down from the mountains to Skrapatungurétt corral. When this task has been fulfilled the locals celebrate the successful round-up with a ball, “réttardansleikur”, and we are welcome to join in the fun.

The round-up continues the next day when the horses are sorted at the corral and we help in returning them to their home meadows. (www.extremeiceland.is)